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ESU welcomes the new priorities on Education and Training proposed by the European Commission

ESU welcomes the draft text proposed by the Commission establishing 6 new priorities to achieve the strategic objectives for the period up to 2020. The draft report goes along the lines of the statement on the EU2020 mid-term review and ET2020 follow-up that was approved at the ESU general assembly in December 2014. However some concerns arise from some approaches taken regarding the purpose of education and the financing systems.

“We are happy to share a common view in most of the issues. However, it’s difficult to think that trying to rush students through the education system or increasing the financial burden on them will help anyhow to achieve the ET2020 strategic objectives and minimize inequalities”. Fernando Galan, ESU Chairperson says.

The strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (‘ET 2020’) was established by Council Conclusions of 12 May 2009 and since then has been one of EU’s  most important guiding documents in the field of education. The framework aimed that by 2020, the share of 30-34 year olds with tertiary educational attainment should be at least 40% and that at least 20% of higher education graduates should have spent some time studying or training abroad, among other goals.
In 2012, the share of the population aged 30-34 having completed tertiary or equivalent education reached 35.7%, a number that then rose to 37.9%. While females generally have higher tertiary education attainment rates than males, the gender gap varies a lot between countries.

“It is clear that the ET2020 strategy has made an impact, however there is still quite a lot of room for improvement in the EU as a whole but also in its’ member states. We all need to be more ambitious and dedicate greater efforts in giving education opportunities to everyone. Europe can’t afford inequalities. Equal opportunities for all are key for the future of Europe itself” Fernando Galan, ESU chairperson says.
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