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Students are against unlimited mandates for Rectors

To the President of Romania, His Excellence Klaus Werner Iohannis,

The European Students’ Union (ESU), together with the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR), urge you to decline the proposed Law no. 159/2019 which would change the Law of National Education no. 1/ 2011, in a manner, that rectors of higher education institutions would be allowed to have an unlimited number of mandates.

We consider that by eliminating the provisions referring to the fact that “a person cannot hold the position of rector of the same higher education institution for more than two successive, complete mandates” clearly stamps the university democracy and the principles on which universities in the country are taken over. Thus, this arrogation of a fundamental management position for higher education institutions for an unlimited period of time directs education towards unilateral university totalitarianism.

Together with lowering democratic values within the higher education system in Romania, establishing and unlimited number of mandates for rectors would considerably decrease quality of higher education, since those persons once elected to have managing positions will lose their interest in improving academic life and enhancing institutional standards.

Thus, we urge the President of Romania, His Excellence Klaus Werner Iohannis, not to promulgate the normative act in its current form and to send it for a review to the Romanian Parliament.

Download the PDF version here.


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