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FEF: 8th Summer School to start in September

Each year, the executive committee of the Federation of French-Speaking Students (FEF) organises its now traditional Summer School. This year, their annual convention will be held between the 9th and the 11th of September in Brussels: three days full of engaging training, constructive debates and interesting discussions about several topics that will keep students and the youth in general particularly busy during the coming academic year.

During this 8th edition, members of different associations, politicians and union representatives will try to answer the question that lay at the heart of this congress, namely: Which world can we build while we are young? FEF members and participants will tackle some hot topics such as Higher Education accessibility, political involvement, immigration and the role of culture in society.

Through this conference, students and their representatives will have the opportunity to share their experiences and exchange ideas together with several actors and partners on the national level as well as on the international level. By doing so, FEF will be able to guarantee inclusivity and promote student’s participation in its reflections about the youth, Higher Education and other societal issues.

As we are moving into this new academic year, which will be regulated by the local elections in October and by the Belgian federal and European elections in May 2019, various political issues are particularly at a stake on nowadays. To face these issues properly, FEF’s representatives and all the participants will have the possibility to directly question their political officials during two debate evenings on the 9th and 10th of September.

For more information about the FEF’s Summer School, visit their website.


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