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Send your videos to us for the International Students’ Day!

The European Students’ Union (ESU) has launched a video campaign that will be used to present students’ concerns and ideas to the EU officials, stakeholders and to the public.

ESU will collect short videos from you, compile them in a single presentation and share it with the world on 17 November 2013, that is known as the International Students’ Day. It is very important opportunity for students to stand united, to inform each other about what particular problems they are facing and how they can be solved in different corners of our continent.

Help us to gather different angles on students’ conditions in Europe by uploading a 3-10 second video of you or your friends to YouTube and share the link with us on:

Twitter: @esutwt

Facebook: event page

Or by e-mail:


Here are some examples of claims that can be made in a video:

I claim the right to affordable student mobility

I demand that my government properly implements youth employment program

My dorm conditions drive me into the wall!

I wish that we finally make education a priority!

Deadline to submit your video to us: 13 November 2013.Release date of the compiled video: 17 November 2013:


Preferred format: Link to an YouTube video or a comparable video channel online. The video must be in English.



Tell us what you need on the International Students’ Day! Upload a video and let us take a stand for you! Mention us un your tweet by including @esutwt, the event’s hashtag #ISD2013 and a link to your video.

Interact with us and support our Facebook event for the International Students’ Day! Post a link to your video on our Facebook event site and tell us about your claims!


Terms and conditions:

By submitting your video to us in one of the ways mentioned, we assume that you have given us a permission to use it in relation to a video dedicated to the International Students’ Day 17 November 2013.


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