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Robert Napier starts his mandate in the Advisory Council on Youth

The voice of young people and youth organizations from local, national and international level from all over Europe

The President of the European Students’ Union, Robert Napier, starts his 2020-2021 mandate in the Advisory Council (AC) on Youth of the Council of Europe.

Robert Napier has been entrusted with the following portfolios for his two-year mandate on behalf of ESU:

  • CCJ representative on the Programming Committee on Youth
  • Steering Committee for Educational Policy and Practice (CDPPE) (lead 1)
  • Artificial intelligence (lead 2)
  • Expanding the space for civil society (lead 3)

The Advisory Council on Youth is the non-governmental partner in the co-management structure which establishes the standards and work priorities of the Council of Europe’s youth sector and makes recommendations for future priorities, programmes and budgets.

The AC is made up of 30 representatives from youth NGOs and networks in Europe and its main task is to advise the Committee of Ministers on all questions relating to youth. In particular, the Advisory Council helps to ensure youth policies are mainstreamed into the Council of Europe’s programme of activities by providing opinions and proposals to all of the Organisation’s bodies. In addition, it ensures that young people are involved in other activities of the Council of Europe and promotes the policies beyond the Organisation.

The AC promotes the co-management system in decision-making processes at all levels as a good practice for youth participation, democracy and inclusion, whilst preparing and encouraging young generations to take responsibility to build their desired society.

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