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ESU’s Quality Assurance Expert Pool training and EQUIP’s Breakfast event

Members of the European Students’ Union (ESU) Quality Assurance Expert Pool met in Brussels between 26-27 February. The meeting, targeted in particular new members of the Pool. It was an opportunity for members to receive advice on core competencies for reviewers and on the use of transferable skills acquired through their involvement in quality assurance. The event also generated discussions on student centred learning and the role of formal procedures in quality assurance. Speakers included Nik Heerens (ESU), Anna Gover (European University Association – EUA), Maria Kelo (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education – ENQA) and Gohar Hovhannisyan and Aleksandar Susnjar (ESU’s Executive Committee) as well as Matthew Kitching from the Steering Committee of the Pool.

On the 27th February, delegates also participated in the EQUIP’s (Enhancing Quality through Innovative Policy & Practice) Breakfast event held at Fondation Universitaire where, amongst others, Michal Karpisek (European Association of Institutions in Higher Education – EURASHE), Tia Loukkola (EUA) and Caty Duykserts (ENQA) introduced the findings of the EQUIP study and hosted a roundtable discussion led by representatives from the European Commission and the Austrian Government.

The EQUIP project, aims at Enhancing Quality through Innovative Policy & Practice in European Higher Education by supporting and promoting a consistent, efficient and innovative embedding of the Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG 2015).

For more information about the project check EQUIP’s website.


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