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Belarusian Students’ Association Report: The State of Academia in Belarus 2021

Belarusian Students’ Association report: The State of Academia in Belarus 2021

As a follow-up to the report on breaches in Belarusian academia from August to December 2020, the Belarusian Students’ Association, in collaboration with the Belarusian Independent Bologna Committee, published a report to notify concerned parties about repressions in Belarusian academia in 2021.

Evidence of repression of students and academics in at least 16 Belarusian universities is shown in the document.

The document is not intended to be an exhaustive source of evidence of persecution; rather, it was created to aid understanding of the scope of repressions and the extent to which university administrations are involved, as well as to raise awareness of academic rights violations in and outside of Belarus in 2021. The study also includes recommendations for European actors to work on all of the document’s violations.


You can read the 2021 Report here.

You can read the previous Report (August-December 2020) here.


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