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Time for Student-Centred Learning

“Time for a New Paradigm in Education: Student Centered Learning” (abbreviated T4SCL) ran from December 2009 to November 2010

The project page of “Time for a New Paradigm in Education: Student Centered Learning” (abbreviated T4SCL) ran from December 2009 to November 2010.

While student centered learning is at this moment backed by most educational stakeholders and viewed as a natural outcome, there is as of yet still no well-defined idea on how to make it a reality on the ground.

The joint European Students’ Union / Education International project “Time for a New Paradigm in Education: Student Centered Learning” (T4SCL) is based on the long-standing need to clarify and deepen the understanding of the academic community and policy makers’ of the practical implications of the recent paradigm shift from teacher to student centered learning. The need for a shift in philosophy is explained by the increasingly diverse profile of the learner, the demand for increased educational quality and the drive to increase equity in learning. ESU and EI have a strong motivation to start the quest for Student Centered Learning (SCL), within the lifelong learning context.

Among project activities, we will survey the opinion of ESU and EI member organisations. Also, we will undertake an extensive desk research process, develop a pool of trainers on student centered learning and a toolkit on implementation of student centered learning practices. All of these will be conducted in a time frame of 12 months from December 2009 to November 2010. The desired outcome is increased capacity to promote a shift in paradigm to student centered learning. More specifically, the project also aims to:

  • clarify and unfold the true practical meaning of the SCL concept for policy makers;
  • increase the capacity of ESIB/EI members to be active and constructively critical in the design and implementation of SCL systems.

Main outputs of the project:

  • Research reports (desk research and survey)

Student Centred Learning: An Insight into Theory and Practice – the
main desk research report of the project, aimed at synthesizing
pre-existing knowledge on the topic and ensuring a knowledge
background for future

Survey Analysis Time For Student Centred Learning – the main
survey analysis publication, which centralized the results of a
questionnaire on SCL sent to ESIB members and EI

  • SCL Toolkit –

Student Centred Learning: Toolkit for students, staff and higher
education institutions – the main project publication, meant to feed
into follow-up and advocacy work at all levels.

  • Training on SCL (Pilot training and training session)
  • Student Centered Learning Conference
  • National events – Promoting SCL at the national level
  • Quality and Evaluation Reports
  • Dissemination of the results
  • Developing the SCL policy





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