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State Grants and Loans as a Means to Increase Outgoing Mobility (STiME)

STiME has been co-financed by Lifelong Learning Programme (ERASMUS Accompanying Measures) in October 2012 for a period of 12 months.
This project will be delivered by the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) in collaboration with the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW). ESU is a member of the Advisory Board of the project.

Its major output of the project is a study on national grant and loan systems for students, covering 31 European countries (EU-27 and EFTA-4). The two main objectives of the study are:

  • to explore if and under which exact conditions “state grants and loans” are portable, i.e. provide funding for study abroad (in Europe or beyond).
  • to provide statistical data and information on the outbound mobility of students funded under these schemes, and identify the share of mobility
  • funded by these schemes of total outgoing mobility, thus assessing the impact of the schemes in terms of their “relative quantitative importance”.


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