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‘Massive Open Online Courses’ (MOOCs) caused a major impact on HEIs worldwide. Business models, target groups, quality standards, certification, sustainability, teaching, delivery & learning methods are all affected. Europe is yet to respond to these emerging trends. Initiatives in the EU exist, but remain isolated, both geographically and per sector. They lack impact on the HEI area as a whole, and do not include the business community to a sufficient extent. A joint European-wide Knowledge Alliance carries huge potential to address these gaps and major challenges.

BizMOOC tackles the European challenge of enabling businesses, labour force and HEIs to increase their activities and exploitation (economies of scale) of the MOOC potential. It focuses on work force & HEI-training and the acquisition of labour market key competences through applying new methodologies for online teaching & learning. This will be achieved by creating common standards & frameworks on MOOCs by integrating the experiences from Higher Education and the business world.

Core features are:

  • 11 full partners, 3 associate partners, 11 countries from HEIs & Industry (large companies & SMEs), NGOs, networks, cluster,
  • Establishment of a common body of knowledge on MOOCs,
  • Identifying needs, gaps & reasons for businesses, labour force and HEIs to boost their MOOC activities,
  • Setting up of guidelines, recommendations & good practice in an interactive, open access MOOC BOOK,
  • Developing, implementing & evaluating Open Educational Resources in the form of 3 Pilot MOOCs focusing on LLL and business key competences “Learning to learn (through MOOCs)”, “sense of initiative (entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship)” and “innovation, creativity & problem-solving” and testing different methods & didactical approaches,
  • Dissemination, networking, community building & events.

BizMOOC benefits businesses, HEIs, teachers, learners & policy-makers through the core results MOOC BOOK (business & quality models, methods & tools, IPR strategies, certification, competence-based education etc.), Pilot MOOCs, BizMOOC Community & events.



Open University UK

University of Alicante (ES)

Burgas Free University (BG)

Cracow University of Economics (PL)

AVL List GmbH (AT)

iversity GmbH (DE)

Dida srl Italy

Košice IT Valley (SK)


The European Students’ Union (ESU)

Project Duration: 36 months, 1/1/2016 – 31/12/2018

As of September 7, 2015

Further information can be found on bizMOOC website.

This project is co-financed by the European Commission under the framework of ERASMUS+


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