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Reaction to MFF: Students need a tenfold increase in Erasmus+

The European Students’ Union acknowledges the European Commission’s proposal for the next Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027. The proposed budget allocation for Erasmus+ is 30 billion euros – double the amount of the current budget.

“Students are seeing huge problems marginalised groups still face when accessing education. Mobility is still too expensive to be accessible for those who want to participate in it. A selection is still being made by the size of a student’s bank account. Today this causes not only inequalities within the participating countries, but also creates substantial differences between the European countries. Erasmus+ faces a challenge when it comes to imbalanced participation, and this needs to be fixed. Erasmus+ is far from reaching everyone!

We thus call on the European Parliament and the Council to increase tenfold the Erasmus+ programme budget. In Europe, we need social cohesion and this can only be achieved if people from ALL backgrounds can participate in education.” Helge Schwitters, President, European Students’ Union

ESU fully supports the Erasmus+ coalition campaign advocating for a more accessible and inclusive programme. We invite you to sign the petition.



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