BM 79: Resolution on the participation of non-EU countries in Erasmus+

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The Erasmus+ Programme is the main education programme in Europe that facilitates international mobility.

Therefore, it is necessary to work towards a solution that represents students’ interests and provides a positive outcome for future generations of learners. Future access for students coming from EHEA-countries but not from the EU to participate in the next Erasmus+ programme, which starts in 2021, is at risk. It is important to not forget the students, young people and educators that lie at the heart of the programme from the Non-EU countries and to provide them the opportunity to fully participate in the next programme.

Therefore the European Student’s Union :

Calls upon the EU and its member states to entirely associate willing European non-EU countries into the Erasmus+ successor programme; 

Calls upon the EU institutions to find practical solutions to include these countries in the programme such as “pay-as-you-go” solutions discussed for the Horizon 2020 programme; 

Urges the European Council to multiply by three the budget of the Erasmus programme, in line with the initial promises of the EU Commission and the EU Parliament. In the context of the Covid19 recovery, investment in young people, education, skills and European identity is more needed than ever; 

Calls upon the EU and its member states to erase barriers to mobility present in national legislations towards non-Schengen countries; 

Calls upon the EU institutions to strengthen a close collaboration between the EU and European non-EU countries to facilitate mobility of young people for studying

Urges the EU and its member states to respect the European Youth Goal No. 3 which foresees inclusive Societies; 

Calls upon the EU institutions to find a solution to lower the administrative barriers faced by applicants

Proposed by: VSS UNES USU
Seconded by: UDU, fzs, FAGE, ANSA

Download the PDF version here.


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