Support letter to ANSA

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Support Letter to ANSA

To whom it may concern,

The European Students’ Union, an umbrella organisation for national unions of students in higher education in Europe, would like to express its support for the Armenian National Students’ Association (ANSA) in its fight against rising tuition fees in Armenia.

Education is the prerequisite for building a knowledge-based society, where the role of higher education is vital in developing an active civil society, a stronger economy and in providing equal opportunities for all. A high level of education results in lower unemployment rates, better quality of health, lower crime rates, more societal involvement and higher tax returns.

Raising tuition fees hinders individuals from accessing higher education, thus making education a privilege of the elite and for those that can afford to pay the fees. In the economic situation of Armenia, where the amount of fees exceeds the average salary by far, the effects of raising the fees are hazardous both for the individual and society at large.

We would like to appeal to the authorities responsible for education in the Republic of Armenia to take into consideration ANSA’s recommendation sent to them in relation to this issue and to find different sources for financing higher education institutions. As it is mentioned in ANSA’s statement ‘Financing higher education is an investment and not an expenditure’.

The European Students’ Union appeals to the authorities responsible for changing the fees to reconsider that policy due to the impact that it will cause. Young people are the future of a society, and everyone deserves the right to receive an education, regardless of their socio-economic background and their ability to pay. Quality education evolves with the changes of today and prepares the students for a life as active citizens and individuals that contribute to the society by paying taxes and further developing the society.


Rok Primozic,

Vice-Chairperson of ESU

21 June 2013


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