ESU human rights call
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Call for the position of Coordinator for Human Rights and Solidarity

General information: 

The Executive Committee (EC) hereby issues the call for the position of Coordinator for Human Rights and Solidarity at the European Students’ Union (ESU) lasting for 12 months, from July 1st 2024 to June 30th 2025. 

The ESU Coordinators are expected to be experts for the issues of their responsibility. The Coordinators have to report on their activities to the Board of ESU twice a year during the Board Meetings. Between the Board Meetings, they are accountable to the Executive Committee, which has to make sure that their activities follow the Plan of Work and the priorities set by ESU policy, the EC and the coordinator.  

According to ESU’s Standing Orders, the Coordinator for Human Rights and Solidarity shall mainly: 

  • Provide support when answering solidarity requests in cooperation with the EC,
  • Work on the promotion of the Students’ Rights Charter and prepare ESU’s actions for the International Students’ Day,
  • Develop policy content and represent ESU in other topics pertaining to the field of Human Rights according to what the EC mandates them to. 

Following ESU’s Plan of Work 2023-2024, the following tasks also fall under the responsibility of the Coordinator, together with the EC:

  • ESU will continue to establish a network of NUSs and other stakeholders regarding at-risk students. ESU will continue to support NUSs in their work on the topic.
  • ESU will resume a more active role in advocating for refugee student rights in collaboration with partners such as UNHCR (EARIN network).
  • ESU will work on the situation of students from Roma, Sinti and Travellers communities.
  • ESU will continue its support and advocacy work for the students and student organisations in Belarus, demonstrating for academic freedom and democracy, as well as supporting the diaspora of Belarusian student activists in exile due to the regime repression.
  • ESU will continue its support to students in Ukraine and to those who fled the country, in guaranteeing their equal access to higher education in Ukraine and in Europe, as well as support the reconstruction and the modernisation of the Higher Education sector in the country.
  • ESU will explore the possibility of a project relating to students at risk and refugee students.

For more information on the working areas as decided by ESU’s Board, candidates are welcome to take a reference of ESU Strategic Priorities and Human Rights and Solidarity Strategy.

Selection criteria: 

Candidates are expected to have a genuine interest in contributing to the development of the European Students’ Union in this field and have the appropriate knowledge, experience and capacity in the area of human and students’ rights and in the student movement for carrying out the mandate and tasks as outlined above. The candidate is also expected to be able to demonstrate ideas for developing the position and the work it entails. 

In addition to specific knowledge of the portfolio, the applicants are required to possess the following competencies required to perform successfully in this position: 

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, 
  • Ability to work as an active, reliable team-member on multiple tasks simultaneously, 
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively as part of a multicultural team, mainly working,
  • Ability to deliver oral and written presentations on this policy area, 
  • Ability to work independently and mostly through online channels, 
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English. 

ESU Coordinators are entitled to receive a monthly allowance of 500 EUR. All expenses related to coordinators performing their duties (such as attending internal ESU events or representing ESU in external events, if mandated) will be covered by ESU in accordance with internal ESU rules (Financial Standing Orders, EC Rules of Procedure). 

Being a Coordinator in ESU entails a considerable commitment, both in terms of time and workload. This position requires a dedication of at least 20-25 hours per week on ESU related work, as well as responding to online communication regularly. The coordinator is expected to work from home, but be available for frequent travel. It is required that the written motivation of the applicant reflects the experience in response to the above-mentioned criteria.

In case of being selected, the coordinator must be available to attend the physical handover with the entire team. In extraordinary circumstances, online participation in the handover may be accepted. The physical handover will take place between the 28th of June to the 4th of July 2024 in Romania. Attendance at the sessions during those days is required. 

Selection procedure: 

According to the ESU Standing Orders, the Coordinators are selected by the Executive Committee. 

When composing a selection committee, the EC ensures regionally and gender-balanced composition, the expertise of the members as well as avoidance of conflict of interest. The committees are agreed by the EC on the proposal of the Presidency. 

The committee will evaluate the applications according to the criteria described in this call, and organise Zoom interviews with the candidates. Interviews will be conducted by the selection committee. After the interview, the notes of the interview will be made available to the Executive Committee. 

The whole procedure for selecting coordinators can be found here.

Application documents and deadline: 

Candidates are required to send: 

  • Their Curriculum Vitae 
  • Their Motivation Letter 

A reference or recommendation letter is also accepted, with a letter from an ESU member (full, associate, candidate) being considered an asset. 

Applications must be submitted in writing to the ESU Executive Committee. Therefore candidates shall send their full application by email to The deadline for submitting applications is the 30th of May 2024, 23:59 CEST. The applicants should be available for a Zoom interview in the week starting on the 3rd of June 2024. 

Should any explanation or further details be needed, please feel free to contact us at

Yours sincerely, 

ESU Executive Committee


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