Statement of ESN, ESU and EUF to the re-start of the negotiations between EU and Switzerland

Statement of ESN, ESU and EUF to the re-start of the negotiations between EU and Switzerland

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Your students are your next researchers 

As the European Union and Switzerland have re-started the negotiations, we, Erasmus Student Network (ESN), European Students’ Union (ESU) and European University Foundation (EUF), affirm our strong expectations for both parties to reach an agreement on the re-association of Switzerland to the Erasmus+ programme. Recognising the mutual benefits of cooperation between the European Union and Switzerland, and after 10 years of separation, we believe it’s time to strive for unity. 

As expectations rise among academics for rejoining the Horizon Europe Programme, we anticipate a similar level of enthusiasm for the negotiations surrounding the EU’s flagship mobility programme, Erasmus+. In this context, ESN, ESU, and EUF strongly reaffirm the necessity for discussions on Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe to be conducted together, ensuring that equal opportunities are provided for both programmes. It is imperative to recognise that our students are the future researchers, and without adequate opportunities in higher education, they will never realise their full potential.

In addition to the renowned higher education exchanges, Erasmus+ offers several opportunities for all stakeholders in education and training, from school education to adult learning. Cooperation projects, among other initiatives, can facilitate the internationalisation of education across various sectors, fostering lasting change within organisations and local communities. Youth projects, such as youth exchanges, play a vital role in promoting civic engagement and intercultural dialogue among young people. Switzerland’s potential reassociation would not only enhance educational opportunities for its citizens but also enrich the diversity and dynamism of the Erasmus+ community.

The Erasmus Student Network Switzerland, the Swiss Student Union, and the Swiss National Youth Council, have been continuously advocating for the re-association of Switzerland to Erasmus+ under the Erasmus is a big plus campaign. We stand together and reinforce our commitment through the negotiation process. 

We acknowledge the complexities involved but remain steadfast in our determination to raise the voice of the Swiss and European higher education communities to make sure that a path forward that strengthens bonds and advances common goals can be achieved. Together, we are confident that through constructive dialogue and cooperation, we will achieve a course that not only benefits Switzerland but also upholds the values of unity, inclusivity, and progress that define the European Union.


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