Bm73: Resolution on the issue of financial aid available for Hungarian students

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Bm73: Resolution on the issue of financial aid available for Hungarian students

One of the most important factors of equal accessibility to higher education is the availability of proper housing opportunities for every student in a potential need. It is also equally important to provide proper financial support to cover living costs for all those students, who otherwise couldn’t participate in higher education.

Although, the Government of Hungary has already made some progressive steps forward in this field, the amount of general scholarships accessible to all students has been on the same level for the last 10 years. In this time frame inflation was more than 40 percent and general living costs, especially housing costs in university towns, have raised significantly, so these scholarships have lost their value for today remarkably.

Students feel that their efforts invested in learning are not supported properly, and also the scholarships accessible for students in need are in many cases unsatisfactory for providing substantial help.

The European Students’ Union welcomes the ongoing negotiations between the representatives of the state and the student representation regarding the issue and urges the Government of Hungary to take the justified demand of the students into account, and take the necessary measures and legislative actions which are needed for the raise of scholarships with at least the rate of inflation.


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