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Open Introduction to Student Centred Learning this Friday at Mundo J, Brussels; Register NOW

European Students’ Union has opened a call for participants to “Introduction to Student Centred Learning” training, to be held on Friday, December 19th from 14:30, at Mundo J.

Student Centred Learning (SCL) as a new paradigm shift all educational stakeholders are talking about, is one of the main priorities in upcoming years in ESU being the focus of our work and our projects (PASCL). In order to create mutual understanding and promote future cooperation in leading and enforcing this paradigm shift, ESU is organising a basic training for students and NGOs providing basic knowledge about the term, its characteristics and assessment procedures.

SCL represents both a mindset and a culture within a given higher education institution and is a learning approach which is broadly related to, and supported by, constructivist theories of learning. It is characterised by innovative methods of teaching which aim to promote learning in communication with teachers and other learners and which take students seriously as active participants in their own learning, fostering transferable skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and reflective thinking.

Registrations for the training are mandatory and will be open till Thursday night. Register using the following link.


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