BM85: Resolution against the attack on funding for Swedish National Union of Students

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In the Swedish government’s budget for 2024 it was announced that the government intends to decrease the financial support for student organizations by 20 million kronor (SEK), which is 1 739 840 €, from the beginning of 2026. The decision was not motivated by the Swedish government. The Swedish National Union of Sweden fears that the entire decrease will be directed towards the student movement, which then would mean a reduction of the grant for student influence with a third of the current level. 

The announced reduction of the financial support for the student movement will have serious consequences for the students in Sweden and for the quality of higher education. This is at the same time as inflation and increased costs is not compensated for in the grant for 2024.

In Sweden, the student influence is statutory by law and is carried out by student unions and the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS). The majority of their work is in turn funded by direct government subsidies, and a lesser part by membership fees. This is an arrangement that was introduced when the membership obligatorium for student unions was abolished in 2010, which led to a decrease in the number of members for student unions. One of the conditions for the reform was that the student unions’ reduced income from membership fees would be compensated through a state subsidy. The state subsidy would cover the statuary mission to conduct educational monitoring and student representation. The announced reduction is not in line with this and an attack on the student movement in Sweden.

The European Students’ Union (ESU) fully supports SFS in their condemnation of the reduced funding for the student movement and urges that:

  • the Swedish government stops defunding the student union movement in Sweden.

Proposers: SFS Sweden



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