BM84: Resolution on the association of the Faroe Islands to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)

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The time has come for the Faroe Islands to become a full member of the EHEA.
For too long, Faroese students have been relegated to the periphery of the European
system of higher education (HE), having to adapt to decisions taken for them, without
their contribution. The possibility to participate in the discourse and deliberations on
HE policy in Europe has long been the goal of Faroese educational politics. Giving the
Faroese system of HE a voice in Europe is long overdue.
Meginfelag Føroyskra Studenta (MFS) has been fighting to make the voice of Faroese
students heard since it was founded in 1962. In 2021, MFS was unanimously confirmed
as a full member of the European Students’ Union (ESU); the temporary culmination
of years of work to bring the Faroe Islands closer to Europe in terms of HE politics and
student rights advocacy.
But even before MFS’ membership of ESU, MFS has been fighting to align the Faroese
system of HE with the core commitments of the Bologna process. In 2006, the Faroese
government for the first time made entry into the EHEA a political goal in its ”Vision
2015” long-term strategy.
The Faroe Islands have already demonstrated their ability to participate fully and with
dedication in various international organisations – in a variety of sectors, e.g. fisheries,
sports, human rights and diplomacy.
Consecutive Faroese governments have declared Faroese membership of the
Bologna process as a priority in their political programmes, and concrete steps have
been made in order to prepare for an application. Work on a National Qualifications
Framework (NQF) is being finalised, and an external quality review of the University of
the Faroe Islands conducted by independent experts yet again demonstrated that
the quality of education in the Faroe Islands is high. The Faroese system of HE has
made compliance with the foundational principles of EHEA a key commitment and

The government has also stated it plans to sign and ratify the Lisbon Recognition
Convention and will look into signing the European Cultural Convention (although the
Kingdom of Denmark has already signed this document on behalf of the whole
Commonwealth of the Realm (i.e. Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland)).
The Faroese government has also expressed a wish of being associated to Erasmus+

  • a wish supported by both ESU and the European Youth Forum – and the
    Commission has confirmed the possibility of this in meetings with officials from the
    Ministry for Education of the Faroe Islands.
  • Noting the commitments of the Faroese government to uphold the fundamental
    principles of the Bologna Process.
  • Acknowledging the rights of Faroese students to participate fully in the European HE
    The European Students’ Union:
  • Declares its support for the full membership of the Faroe Islands in the Bologna
    Follow Up Group and the European Higher Education Area.
  • Encourages the Faroese government to work closely with Meginfelag Føroyskra
    Studenta (MFS) in the application process to bring out the student perspective
    already in the strategic planning phase of the application process.

Proposers: MFS Faroe Islands


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