BM76: Resolution on the recent violation of student rights in Belarus

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BM76 Resolution on the recent violation of student rights in Belarus

In 2018, at the EHEA Ministerial Conference, it was decided that Belarus would remain in the Bologna process, despite poor progress in the implementation of the roadmap.  Currently, the implementation of the principles of BP is carried out in accordance with the strategic plan developed by the Ministry of Education of Belarus. Belarusian students, with deep regret, note the opacity of this process:

  1. Very limited information is freely available;
  2. There is no consultation with civil society and the academic community;
  3. The reports of the Ministry of Education are not available for review and comments;

Moreover, the terms and conditions of reforms, changes and actions are constantly violated.  In addition, Belarusian universities continue the established practice of violating the rights of students.  So in 2019 between 4000-7500 students were dishoused due to the fact that these buildings were handed over to live athletes and fans of II European games.  

The practice of constant and unreasonable growth of prices for education also continues.  According to the report of Belarusian independent Bologna committee, students have experienced a dramatic growth of tuition fees of between 20-40%.

Given the above, we urge to:

  • Include civil society and the academic community in the implementation of the strategic plan, including ensuring the transparency of these processes;
  • Ensure compliance with the social rights of students;
  • Stop the practice of using student dormitories for any public events;
  • Stop the increase of tuition fees;
  • Increase state subsidies for education.

Proposed by: BSA


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