BM76: Resolution on the National Student Survey

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BM76: Resolution on the National Student Survey

Recently, the universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands have decided to pull back from participating in the national student survey. For us as student representatives this is unacceptable.

Student surveys are very meaningful to gain insight into the opinion of students about their study program and institution. Therefore we strongly believe that students should always be given the possibility to reflect their opinion via student surveys. In our opinion institutions have the responsibility to take part in this survey when they are available on the national level.

The results of the survey should be publicly available, protect the privacy of students and provide an overview of the programs at the national level. This is important for two different reasons.

First of all, many future students use the information provided by the national student survey to compare different programs. In our opinion students have the right to receive honest and comparable information about study programs in order to make a considered study choice. For this reason, it is important that the survey is not conducted by the university itself but provided by an independent, external organisation.

Secondly, the information is important to improve the quality of education. The results of the survey provide very useful information on the content of the study programs, the facilities offered by the university and the study support. In our opinion, this information is extremely valuable and students have the right to reflect on their program and institutions and that this information is taken into account by the university.


Proposed by: ISO, LSVb

Seconded by: VVS, UAS, ÖH


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