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ANOSR Updates – Students take to the streets for their rights

  • Student leaders protested in front of the Ministry of Education and the Government, offering empty cakes to the decision-makers, as an equivalent of the budget dedicated to education and in response to ignoring student demands. The cakes represent a symbol in regard to the attitude of the rulers – indolence dressed in empty promises, which students do not accept. Despite ANOSR’s requests to the Romanian Government to organize a public debate, pursuant to the law, the state budget for 2022 has been approved after less than a working day from the draft being published. Moreover, during the meeting with the Romanian Government on December 20th, ANOSR did not receive any assurance that there would be minimum interest with respect to students demands, even if ANOSR’s demands were promised by the Governments’ official manifesto.

    Currently, the minimum amount of the scholarship is 117 euros per month. As a result of ANOSR’s efforts, the National Council for the Financing of Higher Education established the increase of the minimum amount of the scholarship to 145 euros per month. However, in the absence of a Government Decision to increase the subsidies, Romanian universities could not increase the amount of scholarship, because it would have meant decreasing the number of scholarships. 63% of the increase requested by ANOSR represents solely the adjustment of the subsidy with inflation, so that the real value of the scholarship is kept at the level of 2017.

  • The National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania sent a letter signed by 71 student organizations and youth structures to petition the Government of Romania requesting the immediate issuance of a decree clarifying that the Student Centre “Tei” does not remain under the authority of the Ministry of Sports. We also raised in this letter relevant questions regarding the wide-ranging problems that the Ministry of Sport occurred in the management of its own patrimony. Fortunately, the Government acted upon our petition and approved a decree transferring the Centre under the authority of the Ministry of Youth.


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