BM76 Resolution: National funding of Croatian Student Council

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BM76 Resolution: National funding of Croatian Student Council

The ‘Law on Student Councils and Other Student Organisations in Croatia’ regulates how student councils are constituted, funded and what are the obligations of these organisations.

The Croatian Student Council (CSC) is a structure that coordinates the work of HEI student councils in the Republic of Croatia, mainly discussing and advocating for student interests and carrying out international activities. It involves tracking of student regulations implementation, cooperation with the ministry in charge of higher education in the preparation of student policies, assuring conditions for the proper functioning of HEI student councils, nominating student representatives for international organisations Croatian students are a part of -based on HEI student council’s proposition. CSC creates its general acts and Rules of Procedure by a simple majority of votes from HEI student councils.

Current financial resources of the CSC equal 0,00 HRK, which is almost unimaginable today for the proper functioning of a national representative students’ body.

The only source of financial resources for CSC is a student council which is currently chairing the union. Only possible expenses (by law) include international cooperation and management. CSC does not prioritise pressuring for changes in the financial frames.

The goal for the CSC is to be granted sufficient funds to be able to engage on the national level actively. Until now, all CSC presidents have been chairs of their respective local unions. Student representatives are not paid and recognised for their work and do not have the right to academic leave during the mandate. Representatives from smaller but active councils have difficulties in applying for positions in CSC because they cannot afford that responsibility.

ESU strongly believes that all student councils in Croatia must be granted sufficient funds to be able to fulfil the student representation duty that is required by the laws mentioned above.

We want to emphasise the fact that open calls for the positions in CSC are often reissued due to the lack of students willing to dedicate themselves to the student representation, since this requires own funding on some issues (such as travelling expenses, nutrition etc.), whereas CSC cannot cover that costs. We are highlighting the fact that funds are not meant to cover the costs of the work of the CSC presidency neither any of the members of CSC.

Granting the state funds for the CSC means equality amongst the HEI student councils would be achieved because the smaller HEI student councils would be able to apply for the CSC presidency and other positions. It would greatly benefit the student standard and policy-making in Croatia, especially in regards to publicly advertised positions attracting more diverse student activists.

ESU is afraid that the motivation of the Croatian student representatives will decrease over time due to the lack of support from the state.

Proposed by: CSC


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