BM72: Psychological complains and disorders of students

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Psychological complains and disorders of students

Over the last years, several studies have shown that adolescents have a significant higher risk of psychological complaints and disorders in comparison to other age groups. Students are in the middle of this vulnerable stage in which they face a fast-changing environment and increasing responsibilities. In contemporary society, with cuts in student grants and a increasing competition in the job market, students face increasing pressure.

Since the majority of young people receive education, the ESU believes that higher education institutions (HEI) play a crucial role in signalling, treating and taking responsibility in any indication of mental health issues.  The Higher Education Institutions must ensure that they provide visible and accessible psychological help and support services for both staff and students. Furthermore, there should be no financial barrier for students to ask for help and HEIs should motivate students to talk about their well being.

In the Netherlands, the number of students asking for psychological help is growing. As mentioned before, there is an increasing amount of pressure for students to deliver results, which makes it more likely that the demand for psychological help will keep rising.

ESU believes that higher educational institutions have an essential and crucial role in signalling and helping students with psychological complaints and disorders. ESU demands that HEI offer sufficient, visible, and professional help for these students, and minimize the costs.

In addition, ESU believes offering psychological help is not only the responsibility of the department of health, but also of de the department of education. Therefore, financial support should be offered to Higher Education Institutions to fully support them in the fight to maximize the reduction in psychological issues of students.


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