BM71: Local student voting rights

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Local student voting rights

Students form a positive power of change within society and politicians often refer to young people as ‘our future’. ESU supports VVS in their view that students offer a bright and refreshing look on (contemporary) societal issues. This is why it’s important to hold out a hand and drive this kind of emancipation. Self-reliant students should get the opportunity to cast their vote during local elections in their student city without the harmful repercussions, such as loss of childcare benefits, that are linked with that today. ESU follows VVS in their opinion that the Flemish government should work on and support active young civilians – students – in their quest for local voting rights in their student city. The amount of students that live in student homes and studios in their student city is significant and keeps increasing these last couple of years. They form an important part of the local residents and ESU thinks that students deserve to exert their voting right in the city they live and study in if they wish so. As a student you get the opportunity to weigh in as a stakeholder and the local government has to take full account of the student voice. Such structural democratic participation is crucial for students in their student city and they deserve to be heard as a group within the political representation of the local government.


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