BM69: ESU commits to actively fight racism and hate-speech

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ESU commits to actively engage in fighting hate-speech, starting from the Higher Education Institutions The European Students’ Union rejects all forms of cultural and ethnic discrimination, which is the result of racism and extreme nationalism.
ESU believes that education is key to fighting against discrimination and extreme nationalism and therefore has a crucial role in enabling all participants to detect and deconstruct those notions. HEIs must foster integration, intercultural learning and mutual understanding in regard of diversity and inclusiveness. Furthermore HEIs needs to provide an open-minded learning environment, where hate-speech, racism and extreme nationalism have no legitimacy. Therefore HEIs inclusion and appreciation of diversity needs to be practiced on a daily basis.

ESU members commit themselves:
•    to raise awareness on racism and extreme nationalism in general and particularly on campuses
•    to oppose all kind of discrimination on HE level and work to ensure that all students have the rights and support they need to achieve equal opportunities, regardless of their ethnic or cultural origin
•    to work for the integration of intercultural learning into HE and encourage multicultural activities on campus, in order to achieve a HEI, that, as an integral part of the culture of a country and region, is also open to the world
•    to support exchange programs and actively help foreign students
•    to support development of local anti-racism projects in line with ESU’s policies
•    to build an inclusive society based on integration, intercultural understanding and solidarity.


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