BM 66 – Students at risk

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In the fall of 2013, the Norwegian government decided to implement a   programme that gives politically persecuted students the possibility to finish their studies in Norway and provides them with a full grant for the duration of their studies in Norway. This programme, called “Students at Risk”, was initiated by the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH) and the National Union of Students in Norway (NSO).

Expulsion from higher education is commonly used to silence students, effectively taking away their academic freedom and freedom of speech and assembly. The Students at Risk programme seeks to correct this injustice, by letting the students finish their studies and then return to their community. The European Students’ Union (ESU) sees education as a public good and a human right which should be accessible to all people. By implementing programmes such as Students at Risk, countries all across Europe could help in this endeavour.

The European Students’ Union wholeheartedly supports the Students at Risk programme and its intentions. Furthermore, the European Students’ Union encourages its members to work towards implementing similar systems in their home countries. ESU also supports the implementation of this programme at a European level, as the total outreach and effects of the programme would be greatly increased.


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