BM 66 – Student health care

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Students’ well-being is key for them to complete their studies successfully. Having sound health care during one’s studies also contributes to a healthy working life later on. Access to quality, expert health care services, should therefore be the right of every student. This should not be dependent on the higher education institution, location of studies, or the students’ socio-economic background.

ESU supports the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK – and the National Union of University students in Finland – SYL – in their struggle and appeal to ensure an equal and quality health care system for students. The financing for maintaining the current infrastructure and to expand the system, to cover all students in higher education, needs to be ensured by the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as municipalities. In addition, ESU appeals to the members of the Finnish parliament to address this inequality in students’ health care in Finland that has been neglected for years.


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