BM 64 – Pedagogy in higher education from a student’s perspective

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Higher education should convey critical thinking, self-reflection and nuanced analytic skills to the student. Teachers applying pedagogy designed for higher education institutions requirements are a prerequisite for the development of these learning outcomes.

The European Students’ Union (ESU) believes that Sweden must commit its resources in the higher education system to increase and improve the pedagogy of the Swedish higher education.

Students need teachers who are both scientifically and pedagogically competent, but today it unfortunately too rarely is a merit for a teacher to focus on developing their teaching and pedagogic.

In order to encourage good teaching methods, ESU believes that Sweden must create incentive structures for teachers, institutions and HEIs. Teachers’ pedagogical qualifications must be as important as their research qualifications and pedagogic education for teachers should be a requirement to be able to teach in higher education.

Higher pedagogical issues must be a priority in higher education in Sweden. ESU agrees with SFS that new attitudes are required from politicians, HEIs and individual teachers – but also students. ESU believes that the HEIs should put the students at the center of the education, which means to move away from an educational concept in which students are seen as passive recipients of knowledge.


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