BM 62 – Support to the Increase of Transparency within HEI Governance in Lithuania

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European Students’ Union supports the increase of transparency within HEI governance in Lithuania by including 2 student representatives into Board of HEI in Lithuania.

At the moment the reform of HE is lasting for 3 years in Lithuania. Last December Constitutional Court of Lithuania has made a conclusion, that current law contradicts the Constitution and must be fixed in order to guarantee more transparency in HE governance.

At the moment, the highest decision-making body in Lithuanian HEI’s is the Board, consisting of 9 till 11 members, one of them delegated by student representatives.

During participation of LSS in the Working Group, created specially after conclusions of the Constitutional Court, a proposal to include 2 student representatives to the Board (of 9 till 11 members totally) of HEI has been submitted, so that the Board of HEI could control finances, strategical development and elect Rector of the HEI. In this case both Board and Senate of HEI, responsible for the electing Rector of the HEI, would guarantee a proportional participation of students and student representatives in the issues described, by that increasing the transparency of the entire governance within HEI.

A controversial decision of the Conference of Rectors of Lithuanian Universities, according to which, only 1 student representative is recommended to be among the members of the Board of HEI, as well expressed willingness of several stakeholders to decrease the participation of student representatives in the governance of HEI are very unsecure signs to the student participation in making the governance transparent, as originally concluded by the Constitutional Court.

With respect to the fact that on April 3, 2012 student protests regarding the issue took place and that letters of support from LSA, EÜL, SAMOK, DSF, SHÍ and NSO has been sent to the members of Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Culture on the issue of proposal, ESU supports the proposal of LSS on the measures to ensure the transparency in the decision-making process and governance at HEI’s.


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