BM 62 – Resolution of support of Montenegrian Students

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The Ministry of Education and Sport adopted a strategy to reduce the number of graduates in Montenegro due to the high levels of unemployed graduates (approximately 5,000). The Government wants to determine the number of students enrolled in HEI towards the demands of the labour market.

The strategy to reduce the number of students in higher education in 2012-2013 is to raise the tuition fees. The Rector of the University of Montenegro stated only the best candidates of the ranking list should be accepted because it is easier to work with a smaller number of students who have more knowledge from high school, who are motivated to work. He also stated that someone must paid the lack in University budget Government or students.
The Student Parliament of University of Montenegro is the organisation that represents the students of state University. On the 17th of November 2011 the Student Parliament organised the biggest student protest in Montenegro in last 20 years, where many demands that were addressed to Government and University. One of demands was lower tuition fees on the University which are now 500 euro per year. Considering the social-economic status of students in Montenegro, it would inevitably lead to many students leaving their studies due to the increased tuition fees.

The European Students’ Union supports the Student Parliament of University of Montenegro in its fight against the decision to increase tuition fees and reduce the number of students in higher education which goes against the aims of the ESU to represent and promote the education, social, economic and cultural interests of students in Europe.
The European Students’ Union views this as a discriminative measure that works against social inclusion.


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