BM 62 – ESU supports IGLYO’s statement to condemn Russian LGBT ‘propaganda’ law

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European Student Union supports IGLYO’s statement to condemn St. Petersburg’s government actions in regards to the LGBT ‘propaganda’ law

The European Students’ Union supports IGLYO to condemn the recent adoption of the law on the prohibition of the so-called propaganda of ‘sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, and pedophilia to minors’, which was signed on February 29, 2012. The measure effectively prohibits dissemination of information about the LGBT community and its rights. We strongly oppose to treat the LGBT community equivalent to sodomy and pedophilia.

The decision bears an illegal and discriminatory nature and violates the country’s own constitution, as well as a number of regional and international human rights instruments. Russia is a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The adoption of such a law clearly breaches freedoms of expression and assembly of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The European Students’ Union is deeply concerned by the current situation in St. Petersburg. We believe that the law will have detrimental effects on LGBTQ people in Russian society. The measure will lead to complete isolation of LGBTQ people from society as they are deprived of their constitutionally guaranteed human rights. We believe that this law could quash any effort to build up a healthy, democratic society that respects diversity, pluralism and human rights.


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