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Palestinian and European Students’ Representatives met in Ramallah

Following the 73rd Board Meeting of the European Students’ Union (ESU); The National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF) and representatives from 7 other NUSes went to Ramallah to participate in a workshop with the National Union of Students in Palestine (PSCF).  The workshop consisted of a series of presentations and sessions, where the participants discussed organizational and political strengths and challenges in their respective organisations, as well as ideas and thoughts to ‘strengthen student collaboration across cultures’.

The cooperation between DSF and Palestinian students began in the form of a pilot project between a group of students from Copenhagen University and students from Al Quds University back in 2012. Six years after that, the partnership is now between DSF and PSCF –formally recognised as the Palestinian National Union of Students (NUS) by the Palestinian Authority.

Among many activities during the 6-year long partnership, those that stand out are the General Assemblies of PSCF, leadership exchanges in Denmark and Palestine, as well as several successful workshops on Women’s empowerment, organizational development and lobbyism. The next major event of the partnership will take place in the spring of 2018, where PSCF will host a conference gathering students and various higher education stakeholders to discuss the problem of rising tuition fees at universities on the West Bank.

Looking to the future: International collaboration

In the coming years, the partnership will give particular interest in strengthening organizational capacities within the National Union of Students in Palestine (PSCF) through the establishment of a secretariat. Also, strengthening PSCFs international relations will be a focal point for the future. The National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF) looks forward to hearing suggestions on how NUSes from all over Europe may see their role in improving the conditions for students in Palestine.


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