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Open Letter from Georgian Member

Dear Friends,

Today Georgia and Georgian Students need your help and Support as never before.

You all should know about the situation and relationship that Georgia has with its Neighbor country Russian Federation. The Situation is very dangerous and tense.

During the last few months, the Russian Federation took away its diplomatic corps, closed all routes of communication (cancelled all the airline flights and economical export-import between Georgia and the Russian Federation), deported a lot of Georgian citizens from the Russian federation and took away Russian citizens living in Georgia.

This situation is reflected not only in the economical and social situation in Georgia but in the field of education as well which is inadmissible. Georgian students who are studying in Russia are asking for help and support, because they are treated terribly and are discriminated against because of their nationality. In many universities students with Georgian Nationality are expelled from the University or told to leave the University or they will be expelled and deported.

In XXI century, when all developed and democratic countries are fighting for the human rights, equal opportunities for all and democracy. When whole Europe strives for achieving Bologna Process goals: building strong united educational area without borders. It is unbelievable that the biggest country of the world and Bologna Process member is discriminating and dismissing students from the universities and schools because of their nationality.

Thank you for your support,


Student League of Georgia


Next week a delegation of ESIB representatives will be making a study visit to Georgia.


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