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Open Call: Task Force on the campaign for 2024 European Parliament Elections

The Executive Committee of the European Students’ Union is hereby launching an open call for volunteers to join the newly established Task Force on the campaign for the 2024 European Parliament elections, which will be working on mainstreaming, especially at national level, the students priorities outlined in the ‘Resolution on Student Manifesto – 24 proposals for the 2024 European Elections‘ adopted at BM83 in Prague. The TF will ensure the multi-level coordination between ESU and NUSes for lobbying in order to ensure that student priorities are taken up by candidates and national/European political parties in the preparation for the 2024 European elections. 

All NUSes are encouraged to join. Participation of members from NUSes ECs, international officers or persons with responsibilities for European affairs is highly recommended. 


Aims and Motivation

The Terms of Reference mandating the Task Force are set in the Internal Motion passed at BM84 held in Tbilisi. Linked to the ESU campaign on influencing the 2024 European Parliament elections, the purpose of this Task Force is to:

  • Work on a lobby plan and strategy for contacting candidates, political parties and other important stakeholders in the different countries;
  • Realising a toolkit for NUSs to actively promote the campaign at national level, that will include guidelines on how to engage with national stakeholders and how to mainstream the campaign on social media;
  • Work together with the Hacks to actively involve the NUSes in the ESU campaign, by suggesting opportunities to share best practices to engage with stakeholders and reflect on the impact and the reception of the campaign;
  • Work on the possibility to host events with the aim of mainstreaming the Manifesto among students and different stakeholders at national level;
  • Mapping the results of the lobbying and the people reached in order to understand the impact of the campaign.

While the main focus of the TF is the coordination of national levels towards achieving the goals set out in the Resolution, the TF is also expected to support ESU by offering feedback to the European level of ESU’s campaign. 


Organisation of the Task Force 

The work of the Task Force is on a voluntary basis. Meetings of the Task Force will be held online, and face-to-face, during ESU events, when possible. The first meeting will be held online in September 2023. At its first meeting, ESU will present the status quo of the ESU campaign. Based on EC’s proposal, the TF will agree on a work plan, divide responsibilities and agree on timeframes and expected input of the TF members.   


Expectations and Considerations

The Task Force members are expected to:

  • Be capable to discuss and write in English;
  • Participate in regular task force meetings held online and when possible face-to-face (at least 5-10 hours per month);
  • Work on a voluntary basis but can expect to gain valuable policy and networking experience;
  • Ensure that information is widely distributed;
  • Liaise within the NUS and with national stakeholders on European elections; 
  • Participate in the drafting of planned outcomes of the work of the Task Force.
  • Attend meetings and events on behalf of the Task Force, if needed;


Considerations to be taken into account when choosing the Task Force members (these are not requirements):

  • Leadership (listening, communication skills, open-minded, skilled networker, and collaborator, ability to negotiate and strive toward consensus);
  • Experience in lobby and advocacy, organising campaigns and events;
  • Experience in student activism and student representation;


Application and evaluation

We would like to encourage people from all different regions to apply to ensure diversity amongst the Task Force members and support a balanced and differentiated approach in the Task Force results. The application should consist of a motivation letter and a CV resume and should be sent to no later than Sunday, 3rd of September, at 23:59 CEST. 

The new members of the Task Force will be selected by the Executive Committee based on their motivation and CV. If you have any questions regarding this call and the Task Force, please don’t hesitate to contact the whole ESU’s Hacks team ( or the Chair of the TF (


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