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ANOSR’s proposals for doctoral reform and the following academic year

  • At the end of June, ANOSR was part of a working group established by the Government and Romanian Presidency, in order to find solutions for the different problems we could encounter in the future when we’re supposed to potentially return for face-to-face learning and teaching activities. As stated here, we highlight the following concerns: mental and physical health of students, socio-economic impact due to the pandemic, problems regarding internships and apprenticeships required for the students’ educational path.
  • The second issue that ANOSR addressed earlier this month is related to the doctoral degrees granted by universities in Romania. Currently, there have been many cases in which theses have been plagiarized. As such, we emphasized the importance of creating a culture revolving around academic integrity. We also pointed out the fact that in some cases, doctoral degrees have been received without having gone through proper filters which ensure their quality, through a proper external quality review. ANOSR’s reaction to publicly proposed reforms regarding doctoral titles and habilitation certificates can be found here.


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