Slovakia – SRVS – The Student Council for Higher Education

Address: Študentská rada vysokých škôl Centrum vedecko-technických informácií SR Staré grunty 52 842 44 Bratislava 4 Slovakia

Phone: +421 949 855 958



The Student Council for Higher Education (later only ŠRVŠ) is the highest representative body of the university students in Slovakia. ŠRVŠ is among the highest representative bodies in higher education in Slovakia together with the Higher Education Council and the Slovak Rector Conference.

ŠRVŠ is an independent and separate body, which generates its own activities at the national level as well as the international level as a member of ESU. ŠRVŠ associates delegates from all universities, public, state and private, in Slovakia.


ŠRVŠ was created in 1998 by the parliament with a law about higher education. Our main achievements have been the following:

‘ In 2011 we created position of students’ ombudsman and cancelled statutory duty of paying health insurance for students younger than 30 years old;

‘ In 2012 we raised ministry subsidy from 0,80 € to 1 €/meal and thanks to student mobilisation we established minimal monthly wage at 155 € below which students pays no payroll tax.

Mission and vision

Among others, we strive to improve the quality of higher education in Slovakia by implementing the Bologna process and student-centred learning into our system. We also aim at increasing the number of opportunties for mobility programmes (both incoming and outgoing) and to incorporate mandatory work experience into every field of study. We are against raising any kind of fees connected to studying (both direct and indirect), awarding ill-gotten degrees and any kind of students’ rights violations.

We aim at the demassification and decommodification of higher education. We also want to involve students in quality assurance processes, both at the national level (accreditation committee) and local level (higher education institutions). We would like to modify higher education to reflect the current situation on the job market.


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