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In 1973, the ‘Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg’ (ISO) was founded in Amsterdam as a national umbrella organisation for five university student councils from different cities in the Netherlands. These students felt the need to discuss affairs and exchange information with fellow student council members from other cities. This way, they were able to strengthen their own position in the university. Quickly ISO expanded and started to represent university students from the entire country. Since 1995, ISO also represents students of universities of applied sciences.

Mission and vision

ISO represents all university students of applied sciences. Secondly, it makes sure that higher education is accessible for all people who are motivated and have the intellectual capacity to finish an education, regardless of socio-economic and financial background. Thirdly, ISO pursues a high quality higher education system. Finally, it pursues compliance with all national and international norms in higher education that contribute to the above.

Higher education offers students the opportunity to develop themselves as individuals. Equally important is the transfer of knowledge and skills that contribute to the advancement of the society and the economy. The ‘Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg’ (ISO) chooses to represent ambitious, critical and curious students as well as students who want to own these qualities. This requires high-quality education that is created by students and teachers in consultation with the labour market and society.


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