EDSA – European Dental Students Association

Address: Dublin Dental School & Hospital, Lincoln Place, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland.

E-mail: secretary@edsaweb.org

Website: https://www.edsaweb.org/


EDSA – The European Dental Students Association (EDSA) was founded in Paris in November 1988. Now, the EDSA represents over 65,000 dental students in the European region.

More and more dental students do see the need of coming together and talk about their differences but even more about the things they have in common.

The goals of the organisation are:

  • to inform students about the E.C. organisation and politics in relation to dentistry;
  • to promote, inquire and describe the standardisation of dental curriculam within European dental schools;
  • to promote exchange programs and encourage students to take part in these programs;
  • encourage national dental students associations to co-operate on a national level;
  • to create possibilities to encourage students to meet each other on an individual level.

Twice a year, all the delegates of the European Dental Students Association come together to brainstorm for new projects and keep improving the existing. Furthermore, we discuss dental politics, social and domestic affairs. Representatives of the national members (full and prospective) attend these general assemblies.


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