Denmark – DSF – National Union of Students in Denmark

Address: Jernbanegade 4, 2, tv. 1608 København

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DSF (Danske Studerendes Fællesråd) is the largest organisation for students in higher education in Denmark. The union has 20 student councils as member organisations, and through these, DSF represents approximately 165.000 students. The student councils work at an institutional level, whereas DSF works for students at the national level.

DSF has an executive committee of five elected representatives: one president, two vice-presidents, an organisational officer, and an international officer. The executive committee is supported by a professional secretariat.

The member organisations nominate representatives for DSF’s four standing committees:

  • The Academic Affairs Committee – that works with all issues concerning higher education in Denmark.
  • The Social Affairs Committee – that handles issues concerning the social conditions for students.
  • The Organisational Committee – that works to improve DSF as an organisation.
  • The International Committee – that works on all international dimensions concerning students in Denmark.

In addition, DSF has partnership projects with the national student unions of Zimbabwe and Palestine.


DSF was founded in 1932 as the umbrella organisation for all student councils at universities in Denmark. The organisation has had various structures, but throughout most times, the two councils, the Council for Academic Affairs and the Council for Social Affairs have been at the centre of policy-making in the union. In addition, DSF has founded and co-founded many, now independent, networks and organisations in Denmark and the world, among others the Danish NGO Ibis, the ISIC card, Kilroy travels, Nordisk Orförende Møte (NOM) and Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS).

Mission and vision

DSF works for free and equal access to education, sufficient study grants, student housing, employability of students and students’ participation. DSF believes that higher education benefits both the individual and society as a whole; education must prepare students for work and civil society life. DSF is the voice of the students in Denmark and part of a national and international student movement.


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