Federation Of French Speaking Students

Address: Rue de la Borne, 14 – bte 17 B-1000 Bruxelles BELGIUM

Phone: +32-2-223-01-54

Fax: +32-2-217 2793



The federation of the French-speaking students in Belgium is a project, and also ideas. The FEF engages in debates and defends ideas. A central concept? The democratization of HE. This concept includes free access, participation of students in the decisions regarding them, adequate public financing, a reflexion about pedagogy and the quality of teaching in HE. The FEF represents local student unions.

It’s a democratic experiment. To build a unit, the FEF wants to be a place of debate, a kind of Students Parliament, pluralist.

The FEF builds a political ratio of force to carry out the ideas that it defends, being posed as an actor with whole shares in the democratic play. It’s a choice of solidarity. The FEF is a tool and a place of coordination to the service of a student mobilization; it helps its’ members in terms of training and information, organization, technical skills and it will bring practical assistance to the students in legal difficulties within the framework of their studies. All of this is done by students!


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