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KSU: Active Student Participation at the University of Malta

The University Students’ Council in Malta (KSU), through its Social Policy Office, has been working to increase student organisations’ inputs in Higher Education, empowering individuals to share their concerns and opinions and representing the entire student body.

KSU’s Social Policy Office issued a number of policy papers and notes that were endorsed by the student organisations themselves, including different topics: the unfair treatment of undocumented immigrants and the need to work for their integration at the University of Malta, access to education, mental health issues, among others. To support the policy work, KSU organised a series of activities such as a mental health first aid course to help to raise awareness on mental health at the University of Malta.

In addition, during the European Week for Waste Reduction, the Students’ Union organised activities related to waste reduction, University clean-up, and held a workshop on upcycling. Moreover, they have also collaborated with other organisations to prepare and launch a year-long Campaign with the aim of encouraging University students to vote in the upcoming European Parliament Elections 2019.

KSU is looking forward to getting involved in more events and will organise more activities during the Autism Awareness Week in order to work for a more inclusive University.


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