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Final meeting: QAREER (Quality Assurance in Career Services in Higher Education) project

On 18 and 19 September, ESU was present at the final project management meeting of the QAREER (Quality Assurance in Career Services in Higher Education) project. The aim of the work that ESU has been contributing to has been to collect best practices and know-how in order to form the Guidelines for Quality Assurance of career service in Higher Education (QACS) in Europe. This information has been sourced through interviews, workshops, conferences and surveys with the main players in the field of career guidance and quality assurance at higher education institutions, as well as students and employers. They all helped define quality standards for career services at HEI, draft guidelines for their integration into HEI, test them in real settings in the countries of the consortium partners, and consult and involve further universities of Europe within the process.

The final guidelines have been greeted very positively by professionals in the field, as well as policy makers, most notably in Romania, who have voiced their interest in using them as a blueprint for improving the quality of the career services offered in Romanian higher education. ESU is proud to have contributed to this outcome and will now work together with its partners to ensure the further dissemination and implementation of the guidelines.


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