1st webinar on E-learning: From emergency provision to better learning opportunities?

Event date - 06/04/2020
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Corona measures make e-learning more important than ever

During the current difficult times and the restrictions to secure public health in the COVID-19 outbreak, transitioning education to the digital world is a commonly used approach to continue teaching and learning.

In this regard, ESU provides a webinar series in the upcoming weeks covering various topics from E-learning options to quality and academic recognition.

Are you interested in the possibilities that e-learning offers for your personal education? Are you suddenly being asked to continue your studies in an online format? Do you want to look into the new options of online learning but you do not know yet how to start, where to find information on how to find and select a suitable high-quality course?

If yes, this first webinar invites you to join the conversation. We provide a general overview of the topic and answers to e.g. the following questions:

  • What is e-learning and what is not e-learning?
  • How is e-learning different from traditional learning?

We do this taking into account the different perspectives from our experts:

  • Dr. Markus Wachowski and Dr. Dominic Orr from Kiron (Kiron enables access to higher education and successful learning for refugees through digital solutions)
  • Laura Beston from Ireland, Laura is the current President of Trinity College Dublin’s Student Union. She also served as the Union’s Officer for Students with Disabilities from 2017 to 2019. During her time as an officer in the college’s union Laura has engaged with various decision-making bodies in the college in making online learning more accessible for those with disabilities as well as contributing to the start-up of online learning in the college in response to COVID-19.

This webinar is available on our YouTube channel and you can download the slide presentation used during this webinar.


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