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ESU stands in solidarity with UK students in expressing disappointment over Brexit outcome

The European Students Union (ESU) would like to express our sincerest disappointment with the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union. It is disconcerting to see that young people will have a future without the EU – one that they do not want, but that was decided by the baby-boomers, while 65% of young people voted to remain.

“We stand together with our colleagues from NUS UK and all students in the UK, in expressing concern and disappointment in a decision that’s going to have long term and irreversible consequences for the younger generation – the majority of whom didn’t vote for this outcome” says Fernando Galan, ESU President. “We hope that the new UK government and the EU institutions will find a deal that won’t jeopardize students in UK, and that UK universities won’t increase tuition fees to compensate the loss of EU money” Fernando continues.

ESU shares the concerns of NUS UK, stated in the letter to David Cameron, that this vote could risk shutting UK students out of opportunities such as Erasmus, whilst the diversity of campuses could be reduced as inward and outward mobility of students is limited. ESU joins NUS UK in calling on the Prime Minister in committing to protecting EU students currently studying in the UK, and UK students studying elsewhere in the EU, and in offering reassurance as to their continued right to study.

“ESU believes in cooperation, collectivism and unity. These values are central to our movement of students in Europe and we believe they should be central to our relationships in Europe. The students of Europe have a responsibility to make Europe a fairer place and to unite in the face of hate and division, and I look forward to working through my role in ESU next year to mobilise student to ensure these values are held true as we move into a time of uncertainty.” says Beth Button, current NUS-Wales President and newly elected member of the ESU Executive Committee.


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