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Consultation on the effective application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the EU

Civil society organisations and rights defenders play a key role in making the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights a reality for all. However, research and consultations suggest that the Charter is still not used to its full potential across EU Member States and that public awareness of the Charter is low. Only one in 10 respondents in the EU knows what the Charter is, a 2019 Eurobarometer survey found.

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its proclamation and the 10th anniversary of it becoming an instrument of EU primary law. This is a timely occasion to review the 2010 strategy for the effective implementation of the Charter by the EU. For this purpose, the European Commission is seeking input from a wide range of relevant actors in the Charter’s enforcement chain – including civil society organisations and rights defenders.

The result will inform the European Commission’s work on the upcoming Charter Strategy, which will be adopted in autumn 2020. Contribution from civil society organisations and rights defenders will be crucial, because a key element of the strategy will be to see how to improve the effective application of the Charter on the ground.

The consultation will be open from 23 March – 28 April 2020. It should be completed in English only.

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