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Commission’s Proposal On Erasmus Mundus not up to Scratch

Proposal for the second phase

The first phase of the program runs from 2004 till 2008. The European Commission made a proposal for a second phase of the program that will run from 2009 till 2013. This proposal was already adopted by the Council of Ministers and is now being discussed in the European Parliament where it should be approved. The national unions of students in Europe call upon the EP-members to amend the proposal to make it more student friendly.

The new proposal includes several changes. In the second phase of the program, students from EU-countries can also apply for the grants. The Erasmus Mundus program will be expanded to doctoral programs. Third countries can participate more equal as partners. However, the basic idea of the program remains the same. The concerns the European student representatives raised in the passed are not addressed properly.
The budget for the second phase the budget is will increase to 950 million euro (compared to 230 million euro for the first phase).ESU have today sent out a press release to the Members of the European Parliament, coming as a result of a very long discussion between delegates of the national unions of students in Europe at the 54th Board Meeting several days ago.

This press release aimsto prevent the adoption of a very students-unfriendy proposal on the continuation of the Erasmus Mundus programme from 2009-2013. Students’ concerns have been raised especially about tution fees and how it is proposed to regulate them with respect to consortias and with respect to national regulations, but also about the ‘brain drain’ effect and a lack of the concrete mechanisms in the proposal to prevent this effect.

Read ESU’s Press Release Here


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