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Call for students for ESU’s Quality Assurance Student Experts Pool

The Steering Committee of ESU’s Quality Assurance (QA) Student Experts Pool hereby opens a call for 60 members.

In addition to new recruits, the call is also open to current members of the current Quality Assurance Pool, who wish to continue their activities as pool members.

Successful applicants will be included into ESU’s quality assurance experts’ pool from 3rd of July 2019 until 30th of June 2020. Becoming a member of the pool will give eligibility to be nominated by ESU for quality assurance reviews and trainings, and provide an opportunity to gain more knowledge about quality assurance in Europe.


The ESU Quality Assurance Student Experts’ Pool was established to promote student engagement in quality assurance and to contribute to the improvement of higher education provision in the European Higher Education Area. It aims to develop ESU as a crucial partner for quality assurance agencies in Europe and to play a leading role in quality assurance policy developments.

For these purposes, members of pool are trained and involved in the policy work of ESU. Pool members can also be nominated to participate in quality assurance procedures e.g. reviews, thus promoting student participation in quality assurance processes across Europe. Through the pool, ESU also undertakes capacity-building and development activities in quality assurance in higher education on the national level, in cooperation with the National Students’ Union members of ESU.

During the past years, ESU has organised several trainings at the European level. So far, ESU has nominated over 200 students to take part in various international external evaluations organized by different quality assurance agencies all over Europe. Most notably, ESU is cooperating with the Institutional Evaluation Programme of the European University Association (EUA) and is nominating students for external reviews of quality assurance agencies for the purposes of determining membership in the European Association of Quality Assurance (ENQA) and/or inclusion in the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR).

Benefits and responsibilities

Membership in the pool enables the sharing of information, knowledge and good practices relating to QA in higher education, enhancing your skills and knowledge and supporting you in your work in the quality assurance at home. Calls administered by ESU for participation in quality assurance reviews and other events are sent to pool members only.

Benefits and opportunities of being a member of the ESU QA Pool:

  • Learning about European higher education systems and European level QA policy-making (e.g. Bologna Process);
  • Involvement in quality assurance processes at programme, institutional, national and international levels;
  • Opportunities to participate on behalf of ESU at external events and governing bodies (e.g. in the Steering Committee of the European Quality Assurance Forum);
  • Networking possibilities;
  • Opportunity to participate in specially designed international trainings for reviewers;
  • Opportunity to develop transferable skills, such as communication and interviewing skills.

Tasks and responsibilities that can be expected from pool members include:

  • Sharing knowledge and experiences in quality assurance;
  •  Engaging in discussion about topics in quality assurance and/or student involvement;
  • Acting as multiplier agents in their respective countries;
  • Participating in reviews;
  • Disseminating articles and other documents relating to quality assurance among student experts in QA at national and international level;
  • Contributing towards the preparation of meetings and training sessions;
  • Giving feedback on reports, ESU policy papers, or similar;
  • Informing the pool about any quality assurance-related event at international level;
  • Providing feedback about reviews, trainings and conferences to the Steering Committee;
  • Promoting the ESU student experts’ pool on quality assurance;
  • Identifying themselves as members of the pool;
  • Furthering student participation in quality assurance.
  • Pool members participating in any activity that could imply any remuneration will be subjected to ESU financial regulations and the ESU QA pool solidarity policy will apply.


In the selection process, we aim to ensure an adequate balance of participants by country and region in Europe, study field, level of study and type of higher education, as well as a balance of participants of each gender, according to ESU’s Gender Mainstreaming Strategy.

Current members of the pool are invited to apply as well, if they wish to continue their membership in the pool.

Criteria for selection:

– Registered higher education student (at any level) and/or recently graduated (within 1 year) – only if continuing membership;

– Experience in student representation;

– Willingness to adhere to quality assurance operational procedures and commit time as necessary;

– Excellent command of English.

Looked upon favourably:

– Nomination from any ESU full, candidate or associate member organisations;

– Previous experience in various levels of quality assurance in higher

education, especially participation in reviews or review-like activities;

– Ability to work in languages other than English, particularly French and/or German considered as an advantage;

Application procedure

If you are interested in becoming a member of QA Pool please fill in the following application form; and submit the following documents by 24th of June 2019 at 23:59 CEST.

  • Please upload your recent CV in the second section of the application form
  • Please upload your nomination letter in the second section of the application form (optional for those who are not current members of the pool)

By doing so, all applicants accept that, in the case of being selected and becoming pool members, their pictures and short biographies will be used by ESU for promotion purposes. Moreover, it will be understood that all applicants have read and agreed to this call and explicitly to the commitments stated under the “Benefits and responsibilities” section.

For any queries, you can reach us at

Download the call in pdf here


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