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Democracy Alive Festival: European Democracy Festival

Between 11-13 April 2019, the European Movement International is inviting you to a celebration of European democracy. Within the context of the Alliance for Democracy, and in partnership with the European Parliament; decision-makers, organised civil society, business, trade unions, influencers, activists and, most importantly, citizens will gather together to take part in the leading European democracy festival in view of the European Parliament Elections 2019.

Inspired by the Nordic tradition of democracy festivals, DEMOCRACY ALIVE aims to encourage civic engagement and increase interest in European democracy.

The Festival is aimed at facilitating a space where citizens, stakeholders and elected representatives can come together and engage in dialogue on important issues that matter; be it on the environment, opportunities for the young, employment, human rights and/or the rule of law.

The European Students’ Union (ESU) will be offering different Panel Discussions during the Festival. More details about the topics and the exact dates will come soon.

Interested in participating?

The festival, including all of its events, will be free of charge, ticket-less, and not require registration.

In addition, they are looking for volunteers to be part of the team hosting the festival. The accommodation for the volunteers will be covered by the organisers from 10 to 14 April. You can apply to become a volunteer here.

Where: Island of Texel, the Netherlands

When: 11-13 April 2019

Check more details on the website of the event


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