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Call for ESU Quality Assurance Student Experts’ Pool and the Institutional Evaluation Programme

Download Call for ESU QA Student Experts’ Pool

The Steering Committee of the ESU QA Student Experts’ Pool hereby opens a call for 30 members of the ESU Quality Assurance Student Experts’ Pool. In addition to new recruits, the call is also being issued to current members of the ESU QA Pool, who wish to continue their activities as pool members.
Successful applicants will be included into ESU’s quality assurance experts’ pool until 30th of June 2016. Becoming a member of the pool will give eligibility to be nominated by ESU for quality assurance reviews and trainings, and provide an opportunity to gain more knowledge about quality assurance in Europe.
Applicants who apply for the pool membership should be available for the training that is going to take place from 4th of September 2015 (arrival) to 8th of September 2015 (departure) in Belgium.
Up to 10 QA pool members will be selected for participation in the Institutional Evaluation Programme ( ). For applying please see the respective point in the electronic application form. To be able to participate in the IEP you need to be available for the training seminar taking place from 1st to 2nd of October in Riga, Latvia.
The deadline for applications is 15th of July 12:00 CET and you must submit an application form according to the procedure described in the attachment.
If you should have any questions, please mail
The ESU Quality Assurance Student Experts’ Pool was established to promote student engagement in quality assurance and to contribute to the improvement of higher education provision in the European Higher Education Area.
It aims to develop ESU as a crucial partner for quality assurance agencies in Europe and to play a leading role in quality assurance policy developments.
For these purposes, members of pool are trained and involved in the policy work of ESU. Pool members can also be nominated to participate in quality assurance procedures e.g. reviews, thus promoting student participation in quality assurance processes across Europe. Through the pool, ESU also undertakes capacity-building and development activities in quality assurance in higher education on the national level, in cooperation with the National Students’ Union members of ESU.
During the past years, ESU has organised several trainings at the European level and more than 15 at the national level. So far, ESU has nominated over 100 students to take part in various international external evaluations organized by different quality assurance agencies all over Europe. Most notably, ESU is cooperating with the Institutional Evaluation Programme of the European University Association (EUA) and is nominating students for external reviews of quality assurance agencies for the purposes of determining membership in the European Association of Quality Assurance (ENQA) and/or inclusion in the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR).


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